Ambulance Provider Supplemental Payments AlertQuarterly supplemental payments to ambulance providers scheduleDownload
Attestation Window reduction Alert 6-2-2017Attestation Window reduction from 90 days to 30 days.Download
DOH - Accident Incident FormDOH - Accident Incident FormDownload
Interim Guidance for Cleaning/Disinfection and Reporting for COVID-19 within Transportation Settings Download
Lift of Ambulette Enrollment MoratoriumMoratorium on ambulette provider applicationsDownload
Policy - Accident ReportingPolicy - Accident ReportingDownload
Response to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Providers Download
Transportation Provider Pre-Implementation WebinarA PowerPoint presentation providing a brief overview for new Transportation Providers.Download
Updated Interim COVID19 Guidance for Transportation Managers and Brokers (Updated 9/14/2021)An update on the COVID19 protocol for Medicaid transportationDownload
Backdated Trip Request FormForm used to request back dated trips for Medicaid Pending enrolleesDownload
NYC DOH ModivCare Incident Accident Report Form.NYC DOH ModivCare Incident Accident Report Form.Download
Long Island Requirements for the Quality of Transportation Services.Requirements for participation as a Medicaid Transportation Provider.Download
Transportation Providers FAQsA PDF document of the Transportation Provider FAQ'sDownload
Trip Attestation Process Step by Step instructions for completing Trip AttestationDownload
Online Trip Correction Process Step by Step instructions for submitting Online Trip CorrectionsDownload
DOH Alert regarding 2% Across the board payment reductionsThe notice at the link notifies vendors that the 2% across the board Medicaid payment reductions have been eliminated, as well as information on retroactive repayment and an email address for relevant questions.Download